5 places in Palermo I fell in love with + one person

DSCN38751Anyone can fall in love in Italia! Even I did, and so many times that it cannot be counted. I fell in love underground, I fell in love high in the air, I fell in love in the crowd. Are you curious what my loves are? Let me introduce you…

To the Catacombs that scared me and astonished me at the same time

The Capuchin Catacombs  left a strong, unstable feeling in me. It was that type of love in which you  never know what the other is up to. This place was quiet and calm at first, than the storm of emotions rushed through me because I saw the first bodies. Later, when I thought I had got used to the bodies all around me, I discovered a passage with children and families.

I cannot say if it is completely moral to open a place like this to public, neither if it is moral to take them (some) out of the coffins and hang them on the wall… Yes, it is pretty unnerving to even describe this, but I definitely think that if you are in Palermo, this place cannot be avoided.

Opened every day from 9am – 13pm and 15pm – 18pm, the ticket costs 3€.

This places will give you goosebumps and unforgettable memories.

To assami Ù COPPU where I spent much more time than anywhere else

I love pizza and pasta. Simply as that, but to explain what Passami is I have to use more words. Located on Via Roma, this fast food restaurant offers the best of Sicily and Italy, salty or sweet. My favourites from the salty side include arancini, fried pizza and panini. The portions are just enough to relieve hunger during wandering in the streets. Moreover, the price is reasonable and offers combinations from the menu with various dressings for free.

Passami is an ever-lasting love, the one you cannot help but fall in love more and more. I always told myself to go and eat somewhere else finally, but always ende up at this wonderful place (the decor is amazing, precisely chosen and colourful!) eating more than one cone full of delicious things.

Opened every day, usually from 8am till 1 in the morning, prices from 2€.

Have you ever seen such big…arancini?

To Vucciria where I got to know Italians in the night

People were telling me about Vucciria since my arrival to Palermo. The first night it was stories about danger, weird men and spoiled youth. The next day it was the best place to party, the next stories about how a woman should never go there alone. I didn’t know what to think about this place until I finally did man up and entered the narrow, loud street…

The love was imediate, spontaneous, intense. I think, and I hope I am not the only one, that this place shows the true Sicilian night-life and the nature of Italians. It was simply astonishing that the people group outside the bar, chat and drink under the lazy light of a street lamp. Do not worry if you get stuck between the people (yes, it’s so crowded and no one gives a **** about you trying to pass). Either enter the bar and enjoy the night or try a bit harder, although I’m sure you’ll choose the first option.

You can get drinks from 1.5€ almost every day.

collage vucciria
Street so narrow you normally fit four people there, Italians can fit ten and have fun.

To Ballaró, the rainbow of Palermo

If I hear “Palermo,” I imagine this place. It’s a love that I will never forget, that’s how much I love this place. The very famous market is a bit hidden from the main street and the tourist attractions, however, it is crowded during the whole day. If you like vegetables and fruit, you’re in heaven here. Of course it’s not only that, you can buy various fish there, ingredients, meat and herbs.

I like to say that it only takes one reach of a hand to touch the reainbow, beacause Ballaró is so colorful that you want to absorb every shade, every piece that’s being sold there. I always went to this market in the morning, when it was the loudests but the variety was the best and I could easily buy anything for my breakfast and lunch. For those who just want to stride along and enjoy food prepared for them, there are a few restaurants and street foods along the street.

Ballarò is opened every day from 7:30 a.m. You should visit it until noon.

There is no other place in Palermo that is so colorful. One just wants to eat it all!

To Pellegrino, the tallest “guy” from Palermo

The hill you see from many spots in Palermo is this guy, Mount Pellegrino. It is the tallest hill in the vicinity and you can have a really nice walk either up or down it. For me, Mt. Pellegrino is the best part of Palermo because it is so typical, however very calm and nice place to see. You can get here to get a break from the rush of the city or just to take some pictures because the view is breathtaking.

I fell in love quite late, I was in Palermo for about 8 days already and still admired the hill. When I finally decided to take a hike there, I was a bit suspicious – is it really that good and can I get great views? The answer was yes and I was desperately in love. For those who want to fall in love with it too, I have some tips up my sleeve.

Views like this and it’s not even the top. Fancy a hike now?

First of all, do not plan your trip precisely and give yourself some time reserve. The buses do not go perfectly regularly and you can miss it or even get your next plans destroyed. Next, you should know that the last bus stop – Santuario –  does not mean the end of your journey.  You should take a short walk following the path – you get to the very top this way. The last thing I want to share with you is the bus ride down – and you should remember this precisely. If you decide to take pictures from the lower parts, you can walk there (same route as the bus goes up) and then take the path to the city, but DO NOT EXPECT that the bus will stop at the same spots as it did on the way up.

The best way is to take the bus from Politeama – you can find the schedule or other bus stops here.

Mountains after mountains…

And the person that I fell in love with? It’s Mr. Moretti, the finest of them all.

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Author: Mary

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